The Pentagon, which questioned the legality of freezing aid to Ukraine, resigned – Politico

Чиновник Пентагона, которая усомнилась в законности заморозки помощи Украине, подала в отставку - Politico

Senior Pentagon Elaine McCusker filed his resignation three months after the White house put forward its candidature for the post of Comptroller of the Pentagon. McCusker questioned the legality of the attempts of the administration to trump to freeze military assistance to Ukraine. Freeze aid to Ukraine became the reason for the impeachment of President trump.

In February, he resigned the Deputy head of the Pentagon after he was indirectly connected with the Ukrainian scandal, which led to the impeachment of the President of the United States.

McCusker, who was acting controller since last summer, resigned Friday, June 26, Secretary of defense mark Esper announced on Tuesday, writes Politico magazine.

The official was nominated for the position at the end of last year, but the White house withdrew her nomination in March after emails leaked to the media showed that it expressed concern about the requirements of the administration to withhold aid to Ukraine.

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