The people of the DPRK are forced to give bribes to survive in the UN report

Жители КНДР вынуждены давать взятки, чтобы выжить, - доклад ООН

Officials extort money from people in the country

North Koreans are forced to give bribes to officials in order to survive in an isolated country where “widespread” corruption and widespread repression. About it it is told in published on Tuesday the report of the office of the UN high Commissioner for human rights, writes Reuters.

According to the report, the officials extort money from people in the country struggling to make ends meet, and threaten them with arrest and prosecution – especially those who work in the informal sector of the economy.

The DPRK criticized the report, saying that he “is politically motivated in favor of unseemly goals.”

“Such messages – not that other, as a fabrication… because they are always based on the testimony of the so-called “defectors”, which provide fabricated information for earnings or are forced to do it because they are forced or attracted to anything”, – reads the statement of the mission of DPRK in Geneva.