The people’s Deputy from BPP robbed near Kiev

Нардепа от БПП ограбили под Киевом

Near Kiev on Novoobuhovskoy track near the Parking lot of a Megamarket robbed of the Deputy from “Blok Petro Poroshenko” Vladimir Smoking. As a result, seriously injured his car – broken glass and punctured tire.

As the politician wrote on his page on Facebook, the incident occurred on the evening of January 26, actually in front of a large number of people, including the protection of commercial establishments.

I parked to go shopping. At the entrance, as if from under the ground popped up one man and with lightning speed, smashing the side window near the passenger seat, grabbed the bag, got in the car Volkswagen silver color and disappeared

the MP said.

It was later revealed that his accomplice at the time had his knife to the Deputy of the rear wheelto that is probably “not chasing them.”

According to Smoking, among the items stolen were a laptop, documents, spectacle frames, old keypad Nokia 3310 and medications.

“It is much more expensive than some emotional disturbances. Honestly, at first I thought that I had something exploded in the car. And only later realized that it escapes my bag” – he stressed.

MP also said that the police responded pretty quickly and in some hours militiamen have informed that have found a box with glasses, who apparently burglars threw.

“Some mass media have disseminated the nonsense that stole the gun. This is nonsense. Unfortunately, the gun I have not been with him. But in the bag was a permit for it“, – said the politician.

In the comments of the channel 24 in the police of Kyiv region confirmed the incident. Militiamen opened criminal proceedings under article of the Criminal code of the robbery.

“No damage to the MP is not received. Only broke the glass and took the briefcase,” – said the speaker of the national police in the Kiev region, Nikolai Zhukovich.