The people’s Deputy from “public Servants” suggested the pensioner to sell a dog to have enough for communal

Нардеп от "Слуги народа" предложил пенсионерке продать собаку, чтобы хватило на коммуналку

MP from the party “servant of the people” Eugene Eugene Bragahabit Bragar suggested the pensioner to sell a dog “elite breed”, so she could pay for communal.

So the Deputy from the presidential party has answered the call of the pensioner in the Studio of one of the Ukrainian TV channels.

The woman had the resident of the Kirovohrad region. A pensioner asked the guests of the political talk show, how she lived on a pension of 2 thousand hryvnias at high prices for utilities.

If the elite of the breed (dog – 24 channel) in the yard, then she can sell it…. At any time and calm to pay, – commented on this Briar.

However, he noted that “in such circumstances, to live is really difficult”, however about the situation of the pensioner no information.

Bragar added that he personally met with the situation where people with few apartments wanted to apply for a grant.

As Briar made against volunteers because of Russian language

This MP recently “famous” for another controversial situation. He officially wrote a statement to the police on the volunteer Anastasia Rebel. The girl had a fight with a driver who didn’t want to turn off the Russian TV series in the bus “Lutsk – Kiev”.

What happened? Yarina Stork and her friend-volunteer Anastasia Rebel was returning from the funeral of the deceased in the Donbass favorite Composer. Women travelling in a bus from Lutsk to Kiev. The scandal arose from the requests of activists to shut down Russian TV series, in the end, they were on the road at night. More about this here.

Before that Bragar also sent a parliamentary inquiry to the firm of carrier Winew and stood up for the driver, who refused to volunteer to shut down a Russian film. The MP called on the company to “cease harassment” of the driver’s flight, and don’t dismiss it.