The people’s Deputy from the Bloc Poroshenko robbed in the Parking lot near Kiev

Нардепа от Блока Порошенко ограбили на парковке под Киевом

The people’s Deputy from BPP Volodymyr kurinny on Saturday robbed in the Parking lot of a Megamarket in Hodoseevka, Kyiv region. He said this on his page in Facebook.

“Almost at the entrance to the Megastore (I parked to go shopping) as if from under the ground popped up and with lightning speed, smashing the side window from the passenger seat, grabbed the bag, got in the car and in front of a huge number of people, including, incidentally, the protection of a Megamarket, sped,” – said the MP.

The accomplice of a robber with a knife struck the rear wheel of the car of the Deputy.

“To the deep disappointment of these thugs, in the bag besides the laptop computer and my documents, nothing happened. Well, even spectacle frames and phone Nokia 3310 and medicines”, – said the Colonel.

He also added that in the bag was a permit for the gun, but the gun itself was not.

“We have to admit that the police arrived very quickly. And literally in a few hours I was informed that the documents and the box with glasses was found. The thieves where they are dumped,” he added.

However, he added that six years ago on the same Parking lot he tried to steal a car.

Recall that the Colonel went to the Parliament instead of MP Iryna Friz, which was appointed as the Minister of veterans Affairs. He was a people’s Deputy of two convocations. At the same time in 2006-2007он was a people’s Deputy from the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc and head of the Odessa regional headquarters of the BYUT.