The Permian has sold tens of thousands of leaky Chinese condoms under the guise of well-known brand

Пермячка продала десятки тысячи дырявых китайских презервативов под видом известного бренда

In Perm, a local resident appeared before the court for sale of counterfeit condoms, reports REN TV.

Student ordered substandard products in China in a package with the brand of famous brand. A pack of condoms cost 3 rubles, whereas she was sold for 10-12 rubles. Sales were carried out through popular websites ads.

In law enforcement agencies of the fraud complained to the firm, under the product which she was selling condoms. The company is demanding compensation of 1.5 million rubles. Investigators arranged a test purchase of a batch of 50 thousand products. The inspection revealed that most of them were poor or full of holes.

“Actually carried out the assault on the health of the population, as there is a high probability that either you will get the disease any, or other serious consequences for consumers of medical devices”, – explained the Deputy Prosecutor of the Motovilikhinsky district of Perm Alexey Ponomarev.

The court is trying to install, did the defendant about what she sells quality goods. Currently claims against the student puts only manufacturer of condoms whose brand the swindler illegally used. The girl could face a fine and a real sentence.