The Photofestival Visa pour l’image is held in the 30th time

Фотофестиваль Visa pour l’image проводится в 30-й раз

Leo Mitnik

In Perpignan, in the South of France is held annually one of the most prestigious international festival of photojournalism – Visa pour l’image. This year, here are 1,500 pictures, organized 25 exhibitions and various conferences.

Says Director and festival founder Jean-françois Leroy: “Here, you show this world for what it is. With its dramas, joys and problems. And I think we have verified information that is not always the case in social networks. During the festival, we distribute photographers awards totaling more than one hundred and thirty thousand euros. It’s not so little, and the photographer, having received eight thousand euros, has the ability to work on their plot in an acceptable environment.”

The festival is held here in the 30 th time. To see the work of photographers who came from all over the world, will run until September 16. The organizers expect that the number of visitors exceeds 200,000.

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