The placement of U.S. military in Poland will benefit the region, – the President of Lithuania

Размещение военных США в Польше пойдет на пользу региону, - президент Литвы

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausea, while in Poland, at the celebration of the 610 anniversary of the battle of Grunwald, said the deployment of the military contingent of the USA in Poland will serve the interests of the security of the entire region.

“This is a chance of relocation of the military will be associated not only with the specific security interests of Poland, and with the interests of the security of the entire region,” said Nausea.

According to the President, Lithuania is actively cooperating with Poland on security issues, especially in terms of security the so-called Suwalskie corridor (border of Lithuania and Poland, which will ensure the delivery of the Baltic States in the event of a military crisis).

The Polish leader said Nauseda that the security issues of the Baltic countries and the funding of defence was discussed at the meeting of Andrzej Duda and U.S. President Donald trump. The Baltic States and Poland are a minority of the countries of NATO, who perform informal obligation to provide for the defense of 2% of gross domestic product.

“President Duda said during his meeting with trump was mentioned specifically Lithuania, other Baltic countries. President Trump is well aware of our efforts to be active and persistent members of the “club 2%”, – said Nausea.

As you know, the President of the United States Donald trump recently announced that will take part of the American military on the continent from Germany, and some of these soldiers will be deployed in Poland. These statements by the President of Lithuania, made to journalists in Grunwald after a meeting with President of Poland Andrzej Duda for the celebration of the 610 anniversary of the battle of Grunwald.

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