The plane with the largest wingspan for sale

Самолет с самым большим в мире размахом крыла выставят на продажу

The Stratolaunch plane with two fuselages and the largest wingspan in the world are going to sell for $ 400 million.

Holding company Vulcan, which belonged to the late billionaire and initiator of the project-Stratolaunch, Paul Allen, is now seeking to sell Stratolaunch, informed CNBC sources, people familiar with the matter.

The price of us $ 400 million. includes not only possession of the aircraft itself, but also the rights of intellectual ownership of it and infrastructure.

As you know, the plane had planned to use as an aerial platform for launching rockets to deliver cargo to low earth orbit. Studied several options of what rocket had put into orbit Stratolaunch first partner was SpaceX’s Elon musk, then the choice fell on Northrop Grumman and Orbital launch vehicle Pegasus XL. The Stratolaunch project to create its own fleet of rockets was scrapped in January this year.

As informs Agency Reuters, this year the project Stratolaunch has been steadily decreasing – most of the workers already fired. And despite the plans to launch missiles Northrop in 2020, the company is in the process of folding operations.