The player in Fallout 76, who spent in game 900 hours, got banned for too much ammo

Игрок в Fallout 76, который провел в игре 900 часов, получил бан за чересчур большое количество патронов

No matter how much he scolded Fallout 76, still there are people, which the game strongly carries – and that’s an understatement! Recently on the Internet there was a player who dedicated the creation to Bethesda about 900 hours. However, the company did not reciprocate – gamer was banned for possession of too much ammunition.

Unhappy user Glorf12 told about what happened on the forum Reddit. According to him, Bethesda simply didn’t believe that someone could assemble such a huge number of cartridges. The company has decided that this is a common exploit, and the player flew in the ban.

The poor man explains that not doing anything wrong – just used the perk that reduces the weight of munitions by 90 %. However, in the letter which he received from support services Bethesda, says that Glorf12 gathered more than 100 thousand rare items for 30 days. We are talking about the alleged 140 960 cartridges on one account and even more on the second.

The company has promised to unblock the account page with the release of the next patch that will correct this problem. But an update came out and nothing has changed – at the moment the player is still sitting in unfair bath. In addition, the user claims that, although he could not verify the actual number of munitions data Bethesda untrue. How the poor guy remember he’s never had more than 36 thousand ammunition.

Glorf12 suggests that the reason for blocking might be frequent transfer of cartridges between characters on both accounts. For exchanging the player throwing ammo on the ground or placed in a container to raise them with the second “accounts”. Apparently, the game summed up a number of raised items, which recorded suspicious activity.

In addition, according to Glorf12, to dash off a complaint against him could other users. The fact that the main player character was pumped above the 450-level, and exchanged ammunition he character of the second level is often aroused suspicion, and some gamers have even argued with him.

The discussion looked and the Manager support company, which left a standard message in the “contact us so we can more specifically examine your problem”. The player has plans to try Warframe.

Игрок в Fallout 76, который провел в игре 900 часов, получил бан за чересчур большое количество патронов