The player in the style of kung fu was demolished opponent and went to rest: video

Футболист в стиле кунг-фу снес соперника и отправился отдыхать: видео

In the 18th round of the championship of Argentina in La Plata local Estudiantes took the club “Patronato”. The outsiders of the League’s more memorable is not the beautiful game as extraordinary rudeness.

Already in the 35th minute, the referee of the match showed the away player Federico Bravo straight red card for a hard foul against the opposing player.

Bravo games without the need in midfield in the style of kung-fu just hit his leg at the opponent.

Estudiantes this match won 1:0 and slightly improved their position in the standings, moved up to the 15-th line. “Patronato” remained in 23rd place.

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