The police accused the children in childish games

Полиция обвиняет детей в недетских играх

Copenhagen police have charged 1004 adolescents in the spread of child pornography through social networks Facebook and Twitter. It all started with the fact that young people began to send each other via messenger Facebook sex video two 15-year-olds.

According to police, the video was spread all over the country during the autumn of last year, copies were found even in Greenland. The chief of the police Department of the province of North Zealand said that the interior Ministry very seriously to the dissemination of such content. The task of the police is to stop using them in social networks.

Company, Facebook itself said the US police about a suspicious video of the exchange with the staff of child porn. Americans through the “Europol” contacted the Danish police, who became interested in video sharing. Many users send each other a file with porn, but some managed to “share” the video with hundreds of shares in social networks.

In distributing the video file involved adolescents and young people 15 to 20 years. Against all the participants of the scandal initiated a criminal case on the fact of dissemination of child pornography.

Each case will be reviewed individually and penalties can range up to the most serious. With the case of proof of guilt of the teenagers, their names will go on a register of criminal offences, and some threatened to be in the list of persons that pose a danger to minor children, which are updated every 10 years.

In Denmark, as in some other European countries, the age of consent comes in 15 years. But the dissemination of materials of a sexual nature with teenagers up to 18 years of age is a criminal offense.

As stated by the representative of Department of the Danish police to combat cyber crime, the interior Ministry said that the accused was well aware of the dire consequences of the spread photos and videos of victims of such scandals.

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