The police are actively investigating fraud one of Tymoshenko, and delaying it on the other “Schemes”

Полиция активно расследует махинации одного Тимошенко, и затягивает дело по другой - "Схемы"

While the national police is actively investigating possible manipulation with the contributions of one of the presidential candidates of Yuri Timoshenko, the case of the much larger machinations already in the party of Yulia Tymoshenko is delayed, according to the journalists of the program “Schemes”.

The Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov 25 Feb personally, said that Netpolice is investigating possible manipulation of the deposits of one of the presidential candidates. As later explained to the police, it is about Iurie independent candidate Tymoshenko, which is called technical candidate against the leader of “Batkivshchyna”. According to the national police, the investigators will investigate the criminal proceedings, which says about a possible voter fraud, including through the possible provision of fictitious means of 12 citizens of Ukraine” candidate, Yuri Timoshenko on the security Deposit at the election of President. Article – preventing the exercise of electoral rights.

At the same time, Yury Timoshenko, to which reporters asked for comment, said he believes this is a political prosecution.

“We know that opened up trade and pressure, tremendous pressure, it started long before the nomination. And it started even in the “popular front”. And when they heard that I was thinking of going somewhere, not coordinating their actions, to move-to run – they immediately began to threaten me”, – said the candidate.

In turn, Yulia Tymoshenko was at the epicenter of the scandal, as journalists found out, the income of the party is also very inconsistent and confusing.

In particular, the report of the party “Batkivshchyna” discovered a couple of things. First, people began to carry to the cashier Tymoshenko money suddenly and simultaneously – according to the report, from January to may of 2018 “Fatherland” has not received any payment. But since the end of may synchronously hundreds of people made their donations. Since that time, on account of the party received almost 160 million UAH of charitable contributions. Almost all of them – 145 million from individuals.

Suspicious were financial transactions that accompanied these charitable contributions, in particular:

completely different people, as though they made the same amount – the most common contributions or nearly 15 or nearly 150 thousand hryvnias;

one person carried out the same payments on account of the “Fatherland” several times in banking institutions in different cities;

the money donated whole families in a single time period;

the same people translated the same size donations several times in short periods of time.

Many of those interviewed journalists confirmed that transferred money to the party. But there were also those who knows nothing about the donations made on their behalf.

Among them – a resident of Chernivtsi Elena Savva. According to the report of the “Fatherland”, in July 2018, she listed almost 45 thousand hryvnias on the account of the party three times for 14 999 thousand UAH. However, the woman herself has not confirmed this to reporters, she for the first time journalists have heard that giving the party some money. And a lot of such examples. However, some people at the time, the “contribution” outside of Ukraine.

Although the Minister Avakov has repeatedly stressed that no political force will not get him any preferential treatment, but the national police said: “Information regarding criminal offenses relating to possible violations of the order of financing of the political party “Batkivshina”, as 27.02.2019 investigators GSU in eRDR have been made, but investigators NPU investigated 21 criminal proceedings associated with the Commission of possible violations of the representatives of the political party”.

Itself the leader of “Batkivshchyna” Yulia Tymoshenko insists that all income and expenditure public.

However, the suspicious donations in favor of “Batkivshchyna” and has previously been the subject of studies journalists and social activists. In particular, it was proved that some of the people who appear in the records of the party in 2016-2017 or transferred smaller amounts, or even nothing is sacrificed. However, the national police is sabotaging these things and deliberately delaying their investigation.