The police of Yalta detained on the street a guy high with a reserve of “salt”

Полиция Ялты задержала на улице парня под кайфом с запасом «соли»

In Yalta police arrested a suspect in possession of drugs. This was reported by the press service of the MIA for the Republic of Crimea.

In the evening on one of the streets of Yalta, while on route patrol, police noticed a young man. His behavior was strange: he hardly oriented in space, could not answer basic questions of the police, could barely move. As the guy pointed out that he might be drugged.

During the personal search of a previously convicted citizen was found and confiscated a plastic zip-package, which was a powdery substance of a light green color. According to experts, seized substance contains in its composition a narcotic drug – derived N-methylephedrine (the so-called “salt”).

The suspect explained that the drug he was found near the scene of the arrest. The young man has retained a prohibited substance for personal use, not for sale.

The Department of inquiry OP №2 “Livadia” UMVD Russia on the city of Yalta opened a criminal case under signs of crime under part 1 of article 228 of the criminal code (illegal acquisition, storage, transportation, manufacturing, processing without a sales objective of narcotics, psychotropic substances or their analogues in a significant amount). The sanction of article prescribes punishment in the form of deprivation of liberty for a term up to three years.