The police persuades the victims of the racketeers on the beaches of St. Cyril to write a statement

Полиция уговаривает пострадавших от рэкетиров на Кирилловских пляжах написать заявления

After the article about the facts of racketeering on the beaches Kyrylivka, referred to by the deputies of the village Council, the police followed the official comments on the accusations of inaction.

The acting head of the Kirillov units of the Melitopol Department of police Sergey Vasilev has expressed bewilderment – why the victims of the racketeers on the Kirillov beaches turn to the deputies of the village Council, not the police, reported on the official website of the village Council.

Sergey says that reports of criminal actions of a group of men who demand money from trading on the beaches and streets Kyrylivka enough. However, they remain unsubstantiated messages. Victims of the racketeers are not very willing to go to the police, however, are complaining to the deputies of the village Council, which also, in turn, do not apply to local law enforcement.

– The facts of extortion of us are registered, data are brought in ERDR and we carry out checks. However, the applicants acting pretty strange. First, we are a statement, and then refuse it. Thus, we only have 7 applications on which we are working. Each of them is sure to be decided. People need to understand that for the punishment of offenders takes time. We carry out operational activities and they, of course, will continue in effect and the courts, – says Sergei Vasiliev.

The acting chief of the interior of the subdivision police said that as citizens turn not to the police, and to the deputies, the police are ready to cooperate with deputies to conduct with them to the meeting to find out who spoke to them and directly communicate with the victims. Also Sergei Vasiliev mind the fact that the deputies write the request to deal with the racket in Kyrylivka the GPU, in regional Prosecutor’s office, interior Ministry, but none of them appealed to the local branch of the police.

– None of the deputies did not come to us, brought the victim of extortionists, who is willing to write a statement to the police. However, all signed a petition to the Prosecutor and our senior management. Well, I’ll come here by the prosecutors, well, they made an inspection. And we’ll show them that the reason for carrying out investigative actions we are almost there, so almost no applicants, except 7, for which we work, – said acting chief of the interior of the subdivision of the police.

Sergei Vasiliev said that the law enforcement authorities, through the guidance of the village Council are trying to find victims and persuade them to write a statement, but these efforts are futile – the people on the official contact is not going. Therefore, the head of the local police refers to the victims, deputies, witnesses of extortion from businessmen to stay away and to report violations to law enforcement authorities the interior of the subdivision of the Melitopol police Department GUNP in the Zaporozhye region.