The police released the detainee on suspicion in the arson of Nantes Cathedral

Полиция отпустила задержанного по подозрению в поджоге Нантского собора

French police released a man, previously detained on suspicion of possible arson of the Gothic Cathedral in Nantes.

“The next day after the fire in Nantes Cathedral volunteer, previously taken into custody have been released,” the message reads.

It is noted that a male responded to questions about his daily routine, and the investigators did not consider it necessary to keep him in custody. According to the channel, the result is not to open a criminal case against him.

“Any version of the involvement of this man to the incident is premature,” – said in this regard, the Prosecutor.

A native of Rwanda, who came to seek asylum in France?? a few years ago, worked in the local diocese.

Saturday morning in the Cathedral of the XV century there were extensive fires for the elimination of which drew more than 100 firefighters.

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