The police said, where children from boarding schools run

В полиции рассказали, куда дети из интернатов бегут

Pupils of orphanages and boarding schools are not always happy with their place of residence. Sometimes caregivers they run aimlessly. As one of the boys from the police was hiding, told the inspector juvenile prevention Melitopol police Department, senior Lieutenant of police Nikolay Ivanov.

Escape of the child from home and place of education – not a rare phenomenon. Since the start of the year, in Melitopol was 18. Sometimes, the taste of freedom is intoxicating and children shoots they do systematically. One of these “travelers” ran away from the orphanage three times and every time – on Saturdays.

– Events unfolded in the summer of 2014. At that time 13-year-old boy displaced from ATO zone – ran three times. First he went to mother, then to relatives. We found him on the road to the sea of Azov, on the way to Konstantinovka and even on a post where he asked the trucker to drive him in the direction of Kherson, – says Nikolay Ivanov.

By the way, the desire to see my parents or close friends – the main thing that motivates the children living in orphanages and shelters. After returning to educational institution they always admit that they ran away, because she missed family. In 2019, with the boarding schools and orphanages and juvenile ran three times, for 4 months in 2020 – twice.