“The police see, will not find” Elena Vaenga put the son behind the wheel of a car

«Полиция увидит, мало не покажется»: Елена Ваенга посадила сына за руль авто

Elena Vaenga has published a video in which her 7-year-old son Ivan to drive the car.

The footage shows how the boy, singing the hit, sounding from the speakers, driving.

At first it seems that one child, but when the camera shifts slightly to the side, it becomes clear that the situation is under control, because Ivan is sitting on the lap of his father, who at any moment ready to take control of the car in their hands.

Elena Vaenga with her husband However, many users did not appreciate the courage of the spouses who decided to trust the boy control of the car even on a deserted forest road. “Yes, if the police see, will not find it”, “Put the video away from sin!!!”, “Now is not a class, it’s stupid, God forbid something goes wrong the child is the first to suffer”, – was indignant users.

We will remind, Ivan only son of Elena Vaenga. The boy was born on August 10, 2012, in St. Petersburg hospital. Only on 30 September 2016, the singer has legalized relationship with the father of the child a Novel by Sadyrbaeva. Now the singer lives with his family outside the city. While all the artists were sitting in quarantine, Elena was engaged in the garden: digging, planting, watered the vegetable garden and, apparently, will soon begin to boast of a rich harvest.

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