The policeman demanded from the victim money for his “services”

Полицейский потребовал у потерпевшего деньги за свои "услуги"

Melitopol territorial management of RRT is investigating a criminal case about getting a police officer of illegal benefit (article 268 of the criminal code of Ukraine).

In early September, in a night club “Attica”, raspolozhennogo in the city Naked Pier of the Kherson region held a corporate party for the employees of the institution. The bartender of the club during the summer season, earned a large sum of money, which was stored in the room in which lived on the territory of the institution. With him lived another employee of the club, the money is also kept in the room.

The shop personnel seized the moment and stole colleg all the money. Noticing the disappearance, the young men immediately called the police. As nowhere to hide stolen the waiter did not, all the money in the total sum of 45 thousand UAH were found and seized under the Protocol.

Then the investigator Hola Prystan police Department decided that the victims should share in plain text and suggested otatea 30 thousand.

Of course, young people do not like predatory offer law enforcement officers and they refused. Then began a real bargain. Police said that would return the money in exchange for “a percentage”. First, he asked for 13 thousand, then 10.

Victims, in turn, offered to reward the guard with a bottle of good whiskey, to which he agreed, continuing to waste time.

The young man who had been back home in Lviv region, appealed to the RRT. During transfer of money police officer was caught red-handed. The court gave permission to arrest, the evidence seized during the detention.