The political elite of all forgive myself, – Shabunin repealing article on illicit enrichment

Политическая элита все себе простила, - Шабунин об отмене статьи о незаконном обогащении

On the abolition of the Constitutional court of Ukraine article on illicit enrichment in the program “Honor and Wickedness” with Aleksey Shalaysky and Mikhail Ernakulam told the guest Studio is head of the Center of counteraction of corruption Vitaly Shabunin.

– The constitutional court in this decision (the abolition of the article on illicit enrichment – 24 channel) trailer not to matters of morality, and the fact that the article violates the presumption of innocence. Changes to the article that was introducing in 2015, contrary to the Constitution.

– Judges of KSU deliberately tried to prescribe a solution so that this article could not be revived. Or to at least novoprint Parliament article always hung under the lifting of the LCP.

– This is a very carefully considered decision. What is the deception? The President said that everything is calm, normal, tomorrow it will work. It’s all a lie. As of today – the article does not work. For example, if tomorrow suddenly take the ideal solution and the CCU will not have time to cancel it, then draw on this article someone responsible, who bought the property after the revolution of dignity, in times of war was impossible. Because the subject of the crime is property that was acquired after the article came into force.

The political elite, the majority of which will not be in power after the elections, everything is already forgiven. And KSU so overdone that they forgave not only myself that they stole, but also the future of those who come in their place.

Only NABOO and the ARS for this article had over 130 productions. Half of them were closed before the stage of Declaration of suspicion, because there was no constitutional base enough to accuse a man that his condition actually exceeds his income.

Who today in Ukraine is suspected of illicit enrichment?

Suspicion declared the former acting head of the State fiscal service Miroslav Prodan, Minister of infrastructure Volodymyr Omelyan, former official of the Prosecutor General Dmitry SUSU, former military Prosecutor of the forces of ATO Konstantin Kulik. And cases of possible illicit enrichment opened against the leader of Radical party Oleg Lyashko and the Deputy Chairman of the SBU Paul Demchina.

More about the cancellation of the COP articles – see in the program.

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14 Mar


Политическая элита все себе простила, - Шабунин об отмене статьи о незаконном обогащении