The political symbol of the nation: 357 years ago finalized a special Shrine

Політичний символ нації: 357 років тому завершили роботу над особливою святинею

Why Peresopnytsia gospel is considered a national symbol? Because it is fully translated language close to people’s for the first time in our history, the newspaper “Express”.

Peresopnytsia Gospels — a manuscript on 482 thin parchment-like sheets, one of the first Ukrainian translations of the canonical text Chetverga. The appearance of the book fungovala Volyn Princess Anastasia zaslavska. Translation of the Holy text with old Bulgarian completed 29 Aug 1661 in Peresopnytsia monastery. And as the birthplace of the Ukrainian Personage?

On this and the other asks Mykola Fedoryshyn, chair of the Association of Museum of the great figures of Ukraine, honored worker of culture of Ukraine.

Over Peresopnitsky the gospel worked four people. Two of them are known: the Peresopnytsia monastery Archimandrite Gregory and the clerk Michael Vasilic, the son of sanicula of Protopriest. In the afterword mentioned an apprentice. Kodikarai say that in the book there are three handwritings. So were three of the masters that wrote the text. And a fourth — a professional artist-painter. He created art masterpieces — the four Evangelists, capital letters. But in those days not all the painters left their names. Now critics are trying to explore the style of the master and find out his name.

Restorer from Drohobych Lev Skop argues that it was Feduska from Sambora. Others say it is not Galician and Volyn school.

— How many years did the Peresopnytsia gospel?

— The book says that she started writing 15 Aug 1556 in Zaslavl the monastery, and completed on 29 August 1561-go — in Peresopnytsya. Why change location? Princess Anastasia zaslavska, founder of the project, became ill and moved in with her daughter Anna in Klevan. So work on the gospel continued in Peresopnytsya — hence closer to the center of an independent Principality.

— Is it true that Ukrainian Personigu repeatedly exported abroad?

— Peresopnytsia gospel twice exported from Ukraine. When this book was kept in the Poltava Seminary, there with a visit to the Ober Procurator of the Synod and took her to St. Petersburg. It was the Prince of Oldenburg. Seven years after the death of Prince his wife Teresa returned the gospel to Poltava. And during the Second world war, the artifact was taken to Ufa.

Later it was transferred to the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, and from there to the Institute of manuscripts of the National library of Ukraine Vernadsky. The gospel hitherto kept under the inventory number 15512.

Vladimir ISAEV


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