The Poltava officials sent far away owners of minibuses

Полтавский чиновник послал куда по-дальше владельцев маршруток

On may 15 in Poltava city carriers again refused to go on the trails and ask to increase the fare to UAH 6.

The journalists and representatives of the government, said Chairman of Association of carriers of Poltava Yuri Lupenko.

Drivers do not go out on the routes since may 11. The city ride several municipal buses and trolleybuses.

“I am a carrier of the Poltava area and region. If you want to, I went to work in the city, give the conditions that interested. And so says every carrier”, – commented on Lupenko.

The Chairman of the Association said that carriers are ready to leave tomorrow for the routes under several conditions.

Demand to increase the fare is 1 UAH: taxis and buses – UAH 5, the trolley – 3 UAH.

Within 2 months again to raise the price to 6 grn.

This, according to private carriers, the minimum cost of travel. And pay them 5 million UAH for transportation of preferential categories of the population.

“We understand the complexity of the situation, which is now in the city. And ready to vote in support of the fare increase. But I want the carriers went to meet us and signed the Memorandum. There’s nothing complicated,” commented a member of the party of Samara state pedagogical University(Oh) Yuri Bruise.

In the Memorandum, which back 14 may have time to see carriers Association, lists the rules of conduct for drivers. They refused from this document.

Adjourned meeting of the Commission, the question of strikes and the cost of travel remains open.

The date and time of the new meeting of the Commission will report later.

Secretary of the Poltava city Council Aleksandr Shamota yesterday, may 14, responded to the additional requirements of carriers message in Facebook:

“At first, they simply 5 hryvnia for travel. Then demand in July increased by 6 UAH. And an additional 5 million compensation for the month in which they were on strike and did not carry the beneficiaries. For me, such demands are unacceptable! As said the future President: go in MS*ku!” – posted by Grog.