The Pope approved the anti-corruption procurement rules for the Vatican

Папа Римский утвердил антикоррупционные правила закупок для Ватикана

Pope Francis has approved the rules of procurement and expenditure in the Vatican, in accordance with the Merida in the UN Convention against corruption that will now allow the Italian authorities to suspend the suspicious contracts.

This is referred to in the material of international information

Innovations relate to the reduction of costs, ensure transparent competition and reducing corruption risk in Contracting.

The so-called Apostolic letter with rules contains 30 pages of standards that is the culmination of streamlining the flow of funds and the fight against cronyism in the Vatican.

New rules adopted at that time, both in terms of the epidemic of the coronavirus, the Vatican was forced to take strict measures to control the finances.

The most important change is the establishment of a single list of approved vendors for all departments of the Vatican, whereas previously each of them maintained its own list. appoint a woman to the Secretariat of the Vatican