The Pope came to Sicily

Папа римский приехал на Сицилию

To honor the memory of a priest who has dedicated his life to fighting the mafia, came to Sicily Pope Francis. Exactly 25 years ago on September 15, father Giuseppe (Pino) Polisi, who made every effort to keep the youth of the poor suburbs of Palermo from joining the mafia, and in his sermons urged his flock not to obey criminals and to live according to Christian laws, was killed Casa Nostra. This year the Vatican released stamps dedicated to him.

In the town of Piazza Armerina on the southern slopes of the mountains Erei the Pontiff urged young Sicilians never forget the precepts Polisi:

“Some young people say they believe in God but don’t trust the Church. When you ask them “Why?” – they say they don’t like priests. Well, if you don’t like priests. then come to one of them and say, “I don’t believe that’s so-and-so, such-and-such reason”, said Pope Francis.

Giuseppe (Pino) Polisi was shot near the Church where he preached, in his 56th birthday. This murder has shaken Italians, turning public opinion against the mafia. Five years ago Polisi was ranked as the Catholic Church canonized.

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