The potential of biofuel production in Ukraine is enormous – expert

Потенциал производства биологического топлива в Украине огромен - эксперт

Ukraine has great potential for production of biological fuel to power state – so, with the support of the state to produce biogas for further use in the transmission system of the country, writes in his article for ZN.UA Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Bioenergy Association of Ukraine Volodymyr Maistryshyn.

“As you know, during the fermentation of biomass generates large quantities of methane, and the task – to collect it and use it instead of fossil methane (natural gas). In the EU this trend is gaining popularity,” writes the author.

According to the expert, now in Ukraine are spreading biogas plant based on gas piston units (GPU). But this approach has a lot of its shortcomings. The ideal option would be to transport the biogas to the point where there is consumption and heat, and electricity.

“The solution to the problem of massive use of biomethane lies in the change of strategy of state support of development of domestic energy resources and farms,” says the author.

In his opinion, the price of electricity from natural gas, which now employs a thermal power plant is simply uncompetitive. And the use of biogas instead of natural gas can become for the state a beautiful way. Moreover, the raw material for the production of biogas in Ukraine a huge number, and in addition to the biogas outlet, the farmers will have at their disposal more and high-quality fertilizers.