The potential vaccine was able to protect against infection with coronavirus

Потенциальная вакцина оказалась способной защитить от заражения коронавирусом

One dose was enough in experimental animals there was a strong protection from COVID-19.

Johnson & Johnson moved to human trials of its vaccine COVID-19 after the publication of data about testing it on animals. They show that the potential drug is able to provide strong protection against coronavirus after a single dose.

According to The Independent, the six animals that received experimental vaccinations came into contact with the infection. It turned out that the vaccine protected them from the disease of the lungs. Five of them are unable to be infected by the coronavirus. Scientists have found that by using samples taken from the nasal cavity.

The US government has allocated Johnson & Johnson 456 million dollars, hoping it will help speed up the production of vaccine to end the pandemic. The drug uses the usual 26 adenovirus, which causes colds. It acts as a carrier protein of the coronavirus causing the immune system to react.

“This gives us confidence that we can move on to testing the vaccine in a pandemic, to test whether it would provide the same protection to people,” – said the chief scientist of the company Dr. Stoffels.

He added that preliminary tests of this type of vaccines against other diseases have proven that the second injection significantly increased protection. But the drug, which provides protection from disease after the first injection, more profitable during the pandemic of logistical reasons.

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