The power of women: Kim Kardashian stood up for Meghan Markle because of persecution in the press

Socialite Kim Kardashian, who herself was repeatedly involved in scandals in the network, sided with Megan Markle. Star fully supports the ex-actress in an attempt to have greater privacy and be protected from the press.

It is known that gerogina Sussex start a “war” with the tabloids, as journalists for a long time wrote a lot of provocative materials, and publish unconfirmed rumors. So live on Australian TV show The Sunday Project Kim Kardashian said that she empathizes with the Royal couple – Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

“Everyone has their own way, and I think they have this path is very personal, given the fact that survived their mother and how all her life she has suffered from the paparazzi and tabloids. I think that nobody, except themselves, can’t understand what it is. But since I’m older and I have children, I can say what I would want for them, so it’s just the fact that they were completely safe. I can definitely empathize with them in need of a safe place and time for a personal life, when they need it,” said the star.

See the show The Sunday Project with Kim Kardashian:

Star supported Meghan Markle in the fight with the press?

We will add that my support of Meghan Markle in the struggle with the media was also expressed by politician Hillary Clinton, her close friend Priyanka Chopra and Oprah Winfrey. Also in support of the spouses were George Clooney.

How she’s been treated just incomprehensible… If the reason is because she is mixed race, the shame
– Hillary Clinton.

It’s racism, no doubt. But if anyone can handle it, then it’s Meghan… Beautiful Meg that she will be there, through it all. Many people recognized her when she started Dating Prince Harry, but I knew her before. She’s still the same girl
– Priyanka Chopra.

I think it portrayed very unfairly, and I think that if people really knew her, they would understand that it is not only perfectly cope with their role as representatives of the Royal family, but that she is sincere, she has a very open and loving heart,
– Oprah Winfrey.

I think that’s a little unfair when the press starts to talk about you for almost any reason. And Megan’s not doing anything except trying to live her own life. She’s really kind and smart young woman
– George Clooney.

At the same time, television star Wendy Williams harshly treated to Meghan Markle that “nobody will be sorry”.

You know what you are doing. And I applaud this story about your Royal position. But please don’t try to arouse our sympathy. You know what they are going
– Wendy Williams.

What else is known about the “war” of the Dukes of Sussex with the press? In early October, 2019 Prince Harry has filed a lawsuit against the owners of the tabloids The Sun and Daily Mirror, in which he accused the journalists in the illegal wiretapping of his phone and access to voice messages, which violates his human rights. At Kensington Palace officially confirmed the information about the lawsuit, without disclosing all the details. Subsequently Meghan Markle has filed a lawsuit against the British tabloid the Mail on Sunday and its publisher Associated Newspapers, and said that the journalists crossed the line of the law and wrongfully obtained her personal correspondence with a scandalous father.