The predictions of the series “Black mirror”, which already have come true

Предсказания сериала «Черное зеркало», которые уже сбылись

“Black mirror” – one of the most popular and darkest of the series of modernity. The plots of the series show us a possible scenario in the near future. The creators of the series wanted to show us all the negative sides of introduction of various cutting-edge technologies into people’s ordinary lives. Well, they have it good.

Bold predictions come true disappointing of the series, and we are left to hope that they will not lead to the same consequences as on the screen.

1 season 3 series – the Contact lenses with the camera

Heroes of the series, perhaps, never complain of their memory they want to remember something, they find a recording on a specific day or event. The fact that all of their auditory and visual memories are stored in the chip behind the ear and rewind any moment of life and play that is happening through the lens – a problem for a few seconds.

Sony patented a similar idea.

The chip in the concept yet, but the lenses have already appeared and have been tested. The point is that the system will write information to the special blinking. Involuntary eye movements will be ignored.

Season 3, episode 1 – the Social rating

1 series tells us about a girl living in the world, at first glance seemingly perfect. All nice and friendly with each other, play sports, talk a lot, always smile. In fact the character like all the others, forced to hide their true feelings and emotions, to be overly friendly and even a bit Intrusive, sometimes to go against their beliefs in order to achieve a high social ranking. The more public acceptance you will receive a person is, the higher its status, directly affects the quality of life.

Such a system has already began testing in China.

Citizens can receive “bonuses” for socially approved behavior. For example, the possibility to educate their children in the prestigious school, buy plane tickets, etc.

Season 2, episode 1 – Virtual life after death

After the death of the beloved heroine turns for help to a company that promises to bring man back to life. First, technology helps her to communicate with the dead through a message, then even call. App scan social networks, photos, videos, studied the habits and behaviors, and for this reason created a copy of a person.

A week later, after the series became known about the launch LivesOn.

The app studies the posts on Twitter and continues with an account of a man after he dies. This, of course, not a robot, which we introduced in the series, but still impressive.