The presentation of the latest Boeing 777X made closed

Презентацию новейшего Boeing 777X сделали закрытой


The Boeing company held a presentation of the longest passenger aircraft in the world’s newest widebody airliner Boeing 777X for a limited number of participants.

This was reported by CNN.

According to the channel, March 13 the first Boeing 777X was presented to the company’s employees in the premises of the plant for the production of wide-body aircraft in Everett (Washington), although previously the company said that will take the presentation.

The length of the new liner is 77 m, the wingspan is 72 m. the company for the first time in civil aviation has used the technology with the folding wings.

Boeing unveiled the new 777X to the employee today without media debut. Here are few photos of her from Boeing employees. Credit: Boeing Employee777x Boeing777X – Sam Chui (@SamChuiPhotos) March 13, 2019.

Also Boeing 777X will become the world’s largest passenger aircraft with two engines, a turbine diameter of which is nearly 3.5 m.

The base version of the latest airliner will become the Boeing 777-9X, which, depending on the layout can take on Board from 400 to 425 passengers. The range of the basic version will be slightly more than 14 thousand km.

A shortened version of the Boeing 777-8X, which will be 70 meters, will accommodate 350-375 passengers and can fly a little more than 16 thousand km.

The company noted that fuel consumption and maintenance costs of the Boeing 777X will be lower than competitors ‘ models by 10-12%.

The first flight of the newest liner will do in the coming months, and deliveries to customers are expected in 2020.


March 10 in Ethiopia crashed passenger plane Boeing 737 MAX airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, carrying out flight to Nairobi (Kenya). On Board were 149 passengers and 8 crew members, they all died.

Victims of the crash were citizens of over 30 countries. The cause of the accident is still unknown.

In October 2018 the 737 MAX Indonesian company Lion Air fell in the Java sea. Then killed 189 people.

Boeing plans to release updated software for its 737 MAX.

On 12 March the European aviation safety Agency (EASA) has temporarily banned the operation of the Boeing 737 Max.

13 March, Ukraine joined the ban.

Презентацию новейшего Boeing 777X сделали закрытой