The President may have implied to the attorney General on a “need to hunt” on Poroshenko, attorneys

Президент мог намекнуть генпрокурору на "необходимость поохотиться" на Порошенко, - адвокаты

The protection of the fifth President Petro Poroshenko believes that the attorney-General Irina Venediktova opened criminal proceedings on so-called “film of Biden” after talking with President Vladimir Zelensky, and he confirmed interest in this matter.

This was stated by Poroshenko’s lawyer Ilya Novikov at a briefing.

“Criminal proceedings under the so-called “film of Biden” was initiated last night. At night. That in itself in cases relating to the events of four years ago, says a particular interest in leadership in the Office of the attorney General.

And again according to the information we will try to clarify, to verify, this was done after talking to the General Prosecutor Venediktova with Zelensky”.

Protection Poroshenko said that during the year to observe the actions of the President Zelensky and members of his entourage for the coordination and the management of investigation of criminal cases, in which appears the name of Poroshenko. Heads of power structures was varied, did not change the way of action.

According to Novikov, his statements about the certainty that the sentence Poroshenko is a matter of time, and there can characterize the actions under the article of treason, the President Zelensky for the first time publicly stated its position, as the person who coordinates and is directly interested in these proceedings.

In essence, Novikov noted that in the films there is no part of treason.

According to him, if lawyers Poroshenko was prone to trolling in bad taste, they could have filed such statements in the same Office of public Prosecutor, for example, on 6 April, the President Zelensky had a conversation with U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo about the possibility of granting Ukraine guarantees on the loan.

He stressed that abuse and fraud in the actions of Poroshenko was not there, and rumors of a suitcase with a billion dollars, is “the imagination of people who maybe would like to steal a billion yourself, but just don’t know how it’s done.”

According to the lawyer, the concern is not themselves a “film of Biden”, and statements Zelensky.

“We don’t know and will try to find out the origin of these records. He could be on the American side… But the statement Zelensky and behavior Office of the President and attorney General speak in favor of the version that recording could be carried out with the Ukrainian side, that is a huge problem. This can lead to the undermining of the ability to conduct confidential conversations with any foreign partners.”