“The President needs to hear us!”, – Palchevskogo announced the end of Zelensky

"Президент должен нас слышать!", - Пальчевский объявил конец для Зеленского

Known Ukrainian political analyst and television host Andrei Palchevsky appealed to Vladimir Zelensky during a protest in the government quarter of the capital. The businessman said, what are you expecting the President of the nation and what he personally thinks about a possible revolution.

People EN masse on Bankova, photos Infocenter-odessa

It is known that on Wednesday, February 19, on Bankova street in Kiev is raging protest against the government and, in particular, against Vladimir Zelensky. How the media report from the scene on the street decided to go out to protest the representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, which the government infringes with new laws. Shares also visited the famous Ukrainian politicians, including Yuri Romanenko and Andrei palchevsky.

The latter decided to speak to the indignant Ukrainians telling a little about the people’s attitude to Vladimir Zelensky. Short, 30-second clip the presenter has published in his Telegram channel.

Andrei Palchevsky addressed the protesters, a screenshot from the video

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“The time has come true. It’s been almost 10 months since President Zelensky (is) in power…We don’t care what the name of Ministers, demand to be with one person and his name is Vladimir Zelensky. He needs to hear us!” – said Andrei Palchevsky before the Ukrainians into the microphone.

In conclusion, the analyst said that he supports all those who decided today to go to the protest because he once survived 2 of the Ukrainian revolution (the Orange revolution and the Revolution of Dignity).

“I want to tell you that those who say that the third (revolution) will not be – wrong! All the best” – said Palchevskogo.

"Президент должен нас слышать!", - Пальчевский объявил конец для Зеленского

"Президент должен нас слышать!", - Пальчевский объявил конец для Зеленского