The President of Blizzard apologized for the Hong Kong ban

Президент Blizzard извинился за гонконгский бан

The major announcements of BlizzCon already died down. Maybe now you want to know: what about the Hong Kong ban? Here’s what: protesters while peacefully protesting, and company President Jay Allen Breck (J. Allen Brack) apologizes for what happened.

The opening ceremony of the event began with words of repentance of the Brack:

Do Blizzard have the opportunity to unite the world… But we missed it. We are too quick to take decisions, and then worse, we are too slow to communicate with all of you.

When I think about what I most do not like, come to mind two thoughts. The first of these is that we did not meet our own high standards. Second – we failed to reach our goal. I apologize and accept responsibility.

Any specifics beyond this statement was not followed. His speech boss Blizzard continued with a story about the positive power of games that can unite people across the globe. About the Association of brek rights – on the current BlizzCon gathered visitors from 59 countries.

This is the second comment from the company about blocking gamer. The first time Brack said that the punishment Blitzchung greatly soften, reducing the length of the ban on tournaments in Hearthstone and having earned the prize. Will be removed after an apology from the player’s remaining penalties is still unclear.

As for the people’s grievances, there is nothing important to occur have not yet. Before BlizzCon a few dozen people gathered near the Convention center, holding posters in support of the Hong Kong protests and shouting slogans like “People over profit” and “Liberate Hong Kong”.

It is worth noting that the audience graciously accepted the apology of Brek, who also drew attention to the protesters. It seems to interfere with the latter not much will:

I hope that being at BlizzCon in understand how much we appreciate each of you the right to freedom of expression by any means and in all places. We have seen and heard how many of you have expressed your point of view this morning. You need your rest and time with their families with us in Anaheim, we are very happy.