The President of “Dynamo” Grigory Surkis drove a roller on the Ukrainian football Association

President of Kiev “Dynamo” Igor Surkis unhappy with the situation around relations of the Ukrainian football Association to the Ukrainian teams.

According to him, in the UAF consider yourself the cause of successful performances blue-yellow, is not respecting the result of the work of the clubs and in particular the “Dynamo”.

Our club educates players in the spirit of patriotism and devotion to his country. They give their all when playing for the national teams, we always meet our Ukrainian teams, and what are we getting in return? And in response to the representatives of the Federation appropriated the achievements and laurels after the success of our teams. In the Federation seriously believe that they brought those world Champions. That is, they raised them with a boyish age, treated their injuries and were invested in their development
– quoted Surkis official website of Kiev.

Also the President of “white-blue” said that after the victory of the national team of Ukraine U-20 world Cup nobody thanked the “Dynamo” for the development of players for the team. In the national team had 5 pupils of “Dynamo”.

Dynamo is raising for the national teams of Ukraine prepared and motivated players, and in response the leaders of the club are not even invited to the matches of the national team. Okay, not invited on TV to watch. But after the victory of the national team U-20 world Cup even Hello and thank the club for the team players not to pass… But I understand people are very busy building football fields. The pace of build that soon it will be impossible to pass – all will be one football field. Of course, if the budget can stand it.

We hold the infrastructure, to pay salaries to players and coaches that create favorable conditions for the progress of young players who then glorify our country in the sports world, and in response we see the pettiness and total lack of respect. People who has not a penny invested in the development of football in this country, and only have earned it, already pinned the medals, ordered diplomas, puffed out his cheeks and tell you what enormous efforts they have made to the success of our teams,” summed up Ihor Surkis.

In the final match at the world championship in Poland the national team of Ukraine confidently defeated South Korea. At the start of the match “blue-yellow” we conceded a penalty, but managed to reply three accurate strikes and win.

Note that on Friday, November 22, the President of Kiev “Dynamo” Igor Surkis has turned 61.