The President of the club of the First League can suspend for life from football for insulting the referee

Президента клуба Первой лиги могут пожизненно отстранить от футбола за оскорбление арбитра

The President of Lviv “Movement” Gregory Kozlovsky will not be able to avoid punishment for insulting the referee after the Cup match “the movement” – “Mariupol” (0:1) held on 2 October in Lviv.

Immediately after the fight Kozlowski in a media interview, said: “I respect “Mariupol”. I’m sorry, but today all the people in one voice in the stadium was screaming – judge n…races. You know, I, as President, it is difficult to accept, but really he is n… races,” reports Sport Arena.

According to the Disciplinary rules of the UAF for such statements in the media should respond directly to the FTC, and now the disciplinary authority collects all the information, preparing materials for decision-making.

Also according to the publication for this act he can be punished up to a life suspension from football and a substantial fine. We will remind, Nikolay Pavlov for such statements at the time, received two years of disqualification.

Kozlowski is not the first time becomes the focus of the disciplinary bodies. In 2016, for threatening referees after the Cup match against capital “the Arsenal” he got a year ban and subsequently the appeals Committee has reduced by half.

A little more than a year Kozlovsky several times ran out on the field during a match with “the Pearl”, stopped the game, was in supremenyc zones, in a raised voice spoke with the referees and the players of the team, for which he received a two year suspension as a repeat offender.