The President spoke about AMD future processors Ryzen Threadripper

Председатель AMD рассказала о будущем процессоров Ryzen Threadripper

The conference Computex 2019 journalists ‘ attention was riveted to AMD CEO Lisa su. The head of the Corporation has answered all the questions and did not ignore the rumors about the disappearance of processors Ryzen Threadripper with road map.

What is the future for processors Ryzen Threadripper? As reported 4PDA, according to Lisa su, AMD has never officially confirmed nor denied plans for the development of the model range, but speculation remains on conscience of those who creates these rumors.

The Corporation plans to show the chips Ryzen Threadripper new generation, and at the moment several teams are working on technical improvement and marketing program.

I don’t think we ever said that line Threadripper not will continue, this statement is found life on the Internet itself. You’ll definitely see more products of the series Threadrippers from us
– said Lisa su.

What is known about the production of 16-core processors? She also said that the trend of growth of the number of cores did not go unnoticed by team GB. They listened to the wishes of the community, but now Lisa su cannot guarantee that in the near future the line will get Ryzen 16-core processor Ryzen 3000.

Председатель AMD рассказала о будущем процессоров Ryzen Threadripper

Lisa Su

This is a potential flagship, can distract some potential buyers from line Threadripper, so AMD can move out the 16-core chips Ryzen in 4000.

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