The presidential candidate, “famous for” free hats from Davos, violated the election Law

Кандидат в президенты, «прославившийся» бесплатными шапками из Давоса, нарушил Закон о выборах

The Ministry of internal Affairs checks the legality of the campaign of the presidential candidate Igor Shevchenko at the request of a member of the Central electoral Commission Irina Efremova.

The statement of the CEC member States that was registered on 4 Jan presidential candidate in the self-nomination Igor Shevchenko has violated article 37 of the law of Ukraine “On elections of President of Ukraine”. Under the law the candidate has the right to start campaigning for a second after registration day subject to an election Fund and open a relevant account, which is obliged to notify the NACP and the CEC.

As it became known 5 January Igor Shevchenko has signed a contract with the company “KIT media” on the production and placement 111 of campaign billboards in 19 cities of Ukraine, is obliged to pay 300 thousand hryvnia. Rather, it is about those billboards on the search for the beloved.

The appeal of Ephraim to the national police stipulates that campaign materials in support of the Shevchenko appeared on 9 January, which is indirectly confirmed by the candidate himself, put up a Facebook photo on the background of your Billboard about finding a wife.

The materials at the disposal of the CEC, according to Ephraim, contained the inscription: “Made at the expense of the electoral Fund of a candidate for the post of the candidate in presidents of Ukraine Shevchenko Igor Anatolievich”. While the election Fund of which it is, by law, had to pay for the production and placement of materials that were activated 10 days later – on January 18, which focuses the CEC member, is a violation.

In this regard, Irina Efremova addressed to the National police of Ukraine with a request to check legality of activity of Igor Shevchenko in the status of the candidate.

As it became known the police check was initiated, and currently, the relevant authority decides what measures can be taken in this case.

Кандидат в президенты, «прославившийся» бесплатными шапками из Давоса, нарушил Закон о выборах