The price of bitcoin is speeding up the launch options bitcoin

Цена биткоина мчит вверх благодаря запуску опционов биткоина

Futures options trading bitcoin (BTC) to CME Group for the first day of public trading brought more than $2.3 million, confirmed the company.

Data from the official website CME confirmed the successful release January 13, which began as scheduled, and in the end it was sold for 55 contracts.

Each contract corresponds to 5 BTC, which means that at current prices the 55 contracts worth $2.34 million

Markets of the bitcoin on the day of release unanimously rose by more than 7% to highs of $8767. These levels were inaccessible from mid-November.

Source: CoinMarketCap

Interest revived on the eve of the debut of options last week, and bitcoin also increased significantly before Monday. CME along with a competitor Bakkt reported an increased interest in futures in that period.

On Monday the total volume of futures amounted to Bakkt 2907 contracts in the amount of $19,94 million, but 10% less in comparison with the previous session. At the same time, open interest increased by 7% to us $9.58 million

Over the past seven days was actually released two versions of the options, the other from the FTX, which began trading a few days before the CME.

According to FTX for the last 24 hours the volumes sold of their options made 3618 BTC ($30.8 million) – significantly higher than the other.