The price of the main product increased substantially in Ukraine, where it is cheaper

Цена на главный продукт существенно выросла в Украине: где дешевле всего

In Ukraine, the price of bread jumped by 25%: the regions with the lowest rate for bread and bakery products

The General Director of the Ukrainian Association of trade networks suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko on his page in Facebook has provided an analysis of the growth of the price of bread in different Ukrainian regions.

As the expert noted, Ukraine for 12 months Kozina bread went up by 25%. In the basket. “put” pound loaf of wheat bread from flour of higher and first grade, a loaf of rye bread also weighing one kilogram, and many favorite baton, which weighs 500 grams.

Doroshenko noted that all bakery products have demonstrated the growth: “bread from wheat flour first grade – 30%, rye – by 29%, bread – by 23% and bread from wheat flour – by 19%”.

The study showed prices of Alexey Doroshenko the most expensive regions in the pricing of bread in January 2019 are: Kiev – 95 UAH, Kyiv region – UAH 81, Zhytomyrs’ka oblast – 75 UAH, Kyiv region – UAH 73 and Volyn oblast – 71 UAH.

In the so-called TOP 5 regions to moderate the rise in prices for bread were: Odessa oblast – 63 UAH, Kyiv region – UAH 64, Dnipropetrovsk, Luhansk and Ternopil region (UAH 65).

According to the statistics of income 41% of Ukrainians do not exceed 3,7 thousand UAH per month, and a third of the population – 3,2 thousand UAH. Under these conditions, almost half of the salary goes to food.

In the state statistics service noted that, despite the significant increase of welfare of citizens, only a small part of Ukrainians can be considered secured. A salary of more than 5.1 thousand UAH in January-September of 2018 received only 27% of the population (12.6 percent over the same period in 2017).

However, overall welfare still leaves much to be desired. Almost 61% of urban residents and 57.5% of farmers in the last month, received less than the average Ukrainian per month.

At the same time, rising prices for food didn’t allow the people at least a little to change the structure of expenditures. 48% of their income citizens spend on food. 15% goes to utilities. Remains only about 5% on clothing and shoes. Spend a few Ukrainians and on their health. As in the previous year, they spend about 4% of the family budget for treatment.

Цена на главный продукт существенно выросла в Украине: где дешевле всего

Цена на главный продукт существенно выросла в Украине: где дешевле всего