The Prime Minister is preparing for possible early elections

Прем'єр-міністер Великобританії готується до можливих дострокових виборів

The team of the Prime Minister of great Britain Theresa may started the preparations for a possible early parliamentary elections that could be held in November this year.

Instructed to develop a plan of action in case of early elections to the lower house of the British Parliament received from the leader of her government’s political advisors.

On Sunday, September 23, reported the newspaper the Sunday Times, referring to unnamed sources from the environment may, Piguet Deutsche Welle.

According to the publication, two leading political advisers of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom have already begun to develop an appropriate plan. The purpose of possible early elections to obtain public support for the position of Mei and its plan for the country’s withdrawal from the EU – the so-called Brexit. Another purpose of this step is the desire to preserve Mei Premiership, writes the edition.

Herself Theresa may is determined to continue to adhere to the previous line regarding the UK out of the EU. She stated this in an interview with the Sunday Express. “Now is the time to do what is good for the UK,” she said, quoted by the news Agency dpa.

Last week of may during an informal EU summit in Salzburg are unable to insist on the necessity of adopting its plans for a Brexit. Under current rules, the United Kingdom should withdraw from the EU in March 2019. However, London and Brussels still have not found a common language regarding points of agreement on the country’s withdrawal from the community.

Against this background, Mei turned to the EU with the requirement to offer an alternative proposal and warned about the possibility of entering the United Kingdom from the community without proper agreement.

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