The Prime Minister was accused of violating the rules of quarantine

Премьер-министра Болгарии обвинили в нарушении правил карантина

Boyko Borisov visited the Church without a mask, the Prime Minister can be fined

Prime Minister of Bulgaria Boyko Borisov violated the rules of the quarantine and visited a Church without a mask. The Ministry of health of the country requires a fine head of government.

So, the Ministry of health of Bulgaria notes that according to the rules imposed by the government headed by Borisov, in the public areas of the country need to be masked. However, Borisov entered the monastery without any means of protection. Before entering the monastery, the Prime Minister spoke with the Abbot and this time Borisov is also not wearing a mask.

Together with the Prime Minister were also other officials and journalists who did a report. They also were not wearing masks.

“Borisov, his staff and some journalists will be fined 150 euros,” says Euronews, quoting review of the Ministry of health.

The mandatory use of face masks in public places was restored recently in Bulgaria due to the increasing cases of coronavirus. Media noted that the 61-year-old conservative leader Borisov refused to wear a mask since the beginning of the pandemic.

Bulgaria announced restrictions in connection with the coronavirus March 8 and was one of the European countries least affected by the pandemic. However, due to the rapid removal of restrictions in the end of may in last time every day, doctors began recording 100 new cases of infection. In March this number daily was not more than 20-40 people.

As of Tuesday, June 23, in Bulgaria were registered 3984 cases and 207 deaths.

Премьер-министра Болгарии обвинили в нарушении правил карантина

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