The problem of migration solved in Lyon

Проблему миграции решают в Лионе

Tension, which was marked by the first day of the meeting of the interior Ministers of the 6 most densely populated countries of the EU, on Tuesday began to subside, and recriminations gave way to constructive discussions. European Commissioner for migration Dimitris Avramopoulos opened the way to a compromise by stating that “no one country – both inside and outside the EU will not be able to solve the problem of migration alone. Tuned aggressively and the head of the Italian interior Ministry Matteo Salvini noted with satisfaction “a greater understanding” shown by colleagues for his immigration policy:

“Very well. Europe supports our immigration policy, and we are preparing for a joint mission to Nigeria – one of the most problematic for Italy countries, because in recent years to us from Nigeria arrived almost 60 000 of migrants, and to send we are only a few hundred. To enter into serious and concrete agreements with Nigeria with the support of the European Commission – is very important for Italy”.

“We managed to find a common language for the discussion of all these issues – confirmed Dimitris Avramopoulos. – Since you mentioned Italy, I’ll repeat what I’ve said repeatedly in the past: Italy will be supported by the EU, it will be assisted because it is one of the countries on the front line, in recent years taking the brunt of the migration crisis”.

A few months before the elections to the European Parliament, the EU is still not formed a unified position on the issue of migration. The participants of the meeting in Lyon assured that between them there is no confrontation, but only the positions they are trying to bring together. But, for example, the Minister of internal Affairs of Poland said that his country should follow the example of Hungary and reject the UN-initiated Pact on immigration, which is expected to approve in December in Morocco. In his opinion, it will only encourage illegal migration.

“It represented an unwelcome guest, but in the course of the meeting Ministers of the six biggest EU countries lapping the European Commission in respect of Matteo Salvini softened, and the focus is in particular on the progress in cooperation with African countries, – Il Lyon Euronews correspondent Cyril Furnari. – Whether goodwill is translated into real action we will see in the coming weeks and, in particular, at the summit of heads of state and government of the EU countries at the end of October.”

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