The process for abuse of refugees

Процесс по издевательствам над беженцами

In the German city of Siegen has begun the trial of employees of a shelter for refugees, who were systematically subjected the migrants to abuse. Reportedly, 30 security guards and employees of the company European Homecare, ran a hostel for refugees in the town of Burbach, accused of theft of personal belongings, bodily injury, psychological humiliation, coercion and unlawful imprisonment.

The judges will consider the 54 incidents that occurred from late 2013 to September 2014. It is noted that refugees, violating internal regulations in the dormitory, “was locked in special rooms, sometimes for a few days, where they were mocked and sometimes beaten.”

The scandal erupted in 2014. Crimes in which the accused employees of the center in Burbage, was recorded on video. One of them is seen as a young man is forced to lie on a mattress with vomit. These shocking videos and photos, which guards pose in front of their victims, circled the Internet and caused outrage in Germany.

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