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Який продукт покращує роботу нервової системи - 24 Канал

Habit to eat cheese late at night will help get rid of insomnia and disturbing dreams, and to replace the many sedatives.

This was told by the sleep from Australia Lisa Artis, reports the Daily Mail.

With her words, the effect of food on the body is due to the fact that dairy products contain tryptophan – an amino acid that helps to cope with depression, bad mood, apathy, anxiety and sleep problems.

The greatest benefit for the body brings the cheddar cheese because it contains not only a large dose of tryptophan, but rich in vitamins a, b, PP, E, protein, calcium and phosphorus.

This cheese improves the nervous system and normalizes metabolism, improves performance, and supports healthy teeth and bones.

Який продукт покращує роботу нервової системи - 24 Канал

Cheddar improves the nervous system

What is somnology? Is a branch of medicine and neurobiology, dedicated to research sleep, sleep disorders, their treatment and impact on human health.

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