The products will help maintain the beauty of women after 45

Продукты, которые помогут сохранить женскую красоту после 45

Women after 45 years is especially important to follow the diet: a balanced diet is responsible for the health, well-being and good appearance. About which foods you should definitely include in the menu, says Daria Rusakova, researcher in clinic of scientific research Institute of nutrition and culinary editor Maria Berezovskaya shares interesting ideas for their preparation.


Has antioxidant properties, effective in the fight against premature aging, normalizes sleep. In addition, this low-calorie fruit quickly satisfies hunger and reduces appetite, thereby helping to get rid of extra pounds.

Culinary ideas. Make grapefruit fresh juice, add pulp to salads, decorate with slices of desserts. By the way, grapefruit is appropriate not only in fruit salads – it goes well with red fish, shrimp, leafy vegetables and herbs.


Fatty acids contained in fish, a positive effect on the brain cells, helping to prevent age-related changes, improve memory and focus, lower cholesterol, normalize blood pressure.

Culinary ideas. Salmon, trout, salmon – it’s expensive, and recommended by nutritionists serving is 100-120 g per day or at least twice a week can afford not every woman. Therefore, we recommend to pay attention to the cheaper grades of salmon: chum, pink salmon, sockeye and coho salmon – they are no less delicious and useful!

Poultry meat

After 45 years in the food is better to eat lean meats chicken or Turkey breast fillets without skin. Turkey contains vitamin PP (nicotinic acid) (13.3 mg, 66 percent of the daily value), it improves the renewal of skin cells, and therefore slows the aging process. Turkey also contains vitamin-like substance choline (139 mg – 27.8 percent of the daily value) which improves brain function, in particular his Department, which is responsible for memory.

Culinary ideas. Fillet contains low fat and therefore it is best to cook it for a couple or pripuskayut in a small amount of water – so it will definitely not dry.

Bitter chocolate

The composition of dark chocolate (it is better to choose with a cocoa content of 75 percent) is composed of polyphenols that protect the blood vessels from the damaging effects of free radicals. And just a couple slices of this chocolate can increase libido and improve mood.

Culinary ideas. A day nutritionists recommend to consume 2-3 slices of dark chocolate – does not clear up. But you can add grated chocolate in my morning oatmeal or natural yogurt.


Spinach contains lutein – a powerful antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals and prevent the destruction of the retina and clouding of the lens.

Culinary ideas. The most useful thing there is the spinach fresh, but the side dish it is possible to extinguish in butter with the addition of a small amount of water is literally 5-10 minutes. Any of the usual dish of spinach will give an unusual taste, appearance and color, for example, chicken will be more juicy, and the eggs bright. In Italy, fresh or pureed into a sauce spinach is often added to the pasta. Try it and you!