The profits of the energy monopolies Akhmetov hitting new records, – MP – 24 Channel

Прибутки енергетичної монополії Ахметова б'ють нові рекорди, – депутатка - 24 Канал

Ukrainian coal power plants sell their electricity to the highest rates in the world. And these coal plants along with coal mines successfully bought by Rinat Akhmetov on privatization. He owns 80% of coal-fired power plants.

About this in his video blog “Energy strategy” said the Deputy Victoria Wojcicki.

According to her, revenues of the energy monopolies Rinat Akhmetov hitting new records, and all thanks to higher tariffs for consumers. After all, the richest oligarch recent years, enjoys strong loyalty to the President and the presidential National Commission, carrying out state regulation in spheres of power and utilities.

“As Rinat Akhmetov has increased by 76% over the past 2018 and account for more than $ 12 billion,” said Wojcicki.

She explained that corruption rents are through the formula “Rotterdam+” make poorer all over the country, all citizens, but continues to enrich Akhmetov and his patron, even in conditions of martial law.

The worst in this situation is that a presidential Commission could still raise the price of electricity according to the “Rotterdam+” and the next 2019. For the state of “Energoatom” this increase was only 3%, but for Akhmeta stations can make a more generous gift,
– added the MP.

What is “Rotterdam+”? This method of formation of prices on the fuel component (namely coal) for electricity production in thermal power plants in Ukraine.

Act beginning in may 2016 as a result of the loss of Ukraine’s control of Donetsk coal basin through the war in the Donbass. Because Donbas coal is almost entirely under the control of the occupiers, the Ukrainian authorities to ensure the independence has decided to buy coal for the international exchange in the Netherlands, where it comes from southern Africa and South America. The national Commission on energy and communal services has developed and adopted this method.

Video full edition video blog Victoria Wojcik the Energy strategy for the 7 December 2018


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