The project “Noah’s ark” will bring together the genomes of extinct vertebrates

Scientists from the United States continue to implement the plan Genome 10K on the reconstruction of the genotypes of all biological beings that ever lived on Earth.

Проект «Ноев ковчег» соберет геномы вымерших позвоночных

The next stage of an ambitious plan was the project “Noah’s ark”, which, according to the plan researchers will help to clarify the origin, evolution, and the reason for the extinction of more than 66 thousand vertebrates. According to scientists, in this way, they could be in for a new, revolutionary discoveries that will look at the creation of the world with an alternative point of view. The project have joined researchers from 12 countries who are willing to provide their available data.

Despite the version of the skeptics that the project is designed for further study of cloning ancient creatures, scientists continue to defend their point of view. The fact that the diversity of species and the process of evolution described by Darwin, is hopelessly outdated. At present, you must determine all of the mechanisms of evolutionary processes, or to refute them, confirming the hypothesis of panspermia, that is, the bringing of life to earth from other galaxies.

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