The promoter of Putin found a new Villa in Italy: price rolls

У пропагандиста Путина нашли новую виллу в Италии: цена зашкаливает

Propagandist of Putin owns a luxury estate in Italy

Known promoter Vladimir Solovyov owns a Villa on lake Como in Italy.

This is stated in the investigation of the Fund of struggle against corruption Alexei Navalny, writes Hvilya.

Villa, according to the materials of the Foundation, consists of two houses with an area of 300 and 90 sq m. Now next to the Villa is the construction of the pool. According to Navalny, on the fence of the manor hangs a poster, which shows the name of Vladimir Solovyov.

The Russian opposition claims that in 2017 Solovyov paid for a Villa of 1 million 21 thousand euros. In this case the contract of sale in the column “profession” Solovyov wrote “artist”.

Also, according to the Fund Navalny, the Kremlin’s propagandist in 2018 in Russia, bought a Maybach, which, according to investigators, is 15 million rubles.

As previously reported, the Internet has criticized the main opposition of the Russian Federation Alexei Navalny on the Tomos for Ukraine. Appropriate post posted journalist Arkady Babchenko.

“Read, Ukrainians, read. Everyone who bleats that “not all there are.” It is their future liberal Fuhrer. New great Russia of the future. For which you just schismatics. Live parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church. Dostum. Only Dostum. Without further ADO. The wall. Ditch. Crocodiles. Machine-gun towers. Haloperidol. Reich will be crystal clear. For you we do not love,” wrote Babchenko.

Note that Navalny has described the situation in Ukraine “split”, in which the Moscow Patriarchate will lose about half of “living parishes”. It caused angry comments from Ukrainians.

“The Russian world is not treated,” “growing parishes”, “plushevii oppositionality”, “of course, this business have pressed guys”, “Russian heats for the world,” they write.

Recall that in Kiev held a Unification Cathedral, which took a fateful decision of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Church. Thus, the unity Council was elected head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. It was the Bishop of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Kyiv Patriarchate Epiphany.

We also add that Solovyov during one of its broadcasts stated that if the Ukrainians are “jerks”, it will lose its state. The promoter said that history suggests that without Ukraine the Union with Moscow has always been the losing side and only in Alliance with Russia failed to achieve any victories, this in Facebook the Ukrainian blogger writes with the name John Smith.

According to him, then it is time to ask Vladimir Solovyov, when Moscow won without the aid of Ukraine? Ukraine, for example, was well won Moscow Konotop. The defeat complete. The king according to the testimony wore black robes, and when Moscow won without the help of Ukraine – is for historians, if they are not propagandists, remember difficult.

All the big victories of Russia over the last 300 years is a victory only with the help of the Ukrainians. No Ukraine and no wins. In Chechnya and that had to pay tribute.

The blogger writes, it is suspected that the audacity of Vladimir Solovyov has another goal: to run a propaganda message – supposedly Russia can win without Ukraine. I see bad things in Russia, just have to resort to anger management. Otherwise, you have to think, what is really afraid of occurrence of Ukraine in the Donbass, but there’s nothing to mind.

У пропагандиста Путина нашли новую виллу в Италии: цена зашкаливает

У пропагандиста Путина нашли новую виллу в Италии: цена зашкаливает