The property in the management of trade unions is estimated at about $2 billion – Nice

Имущество в управлении профсоюзов оценивают в размере около $2 миллиардов - Рада

According to experts, the value of the property, which is managed by trade unions, is about $ 2 billion.

This was announced by the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on social policy and protection of the rights of veterans Galina Tretyakova (fraction “servant of the people”) during a meeting with journalists on Friday, June 26, according to UKRINFORM.

“Today, according to expert estimates, property the property of the state and is managed by trade unions, estimated at about $ 2 billion,” – said Tretyakov.

The politician said that, in particular, of such property are the buildings of trade unions, accommodation, Tourist, sanatorium-resort complexes.

“It’s all state property. What this means for us as citizens of Ukraine? This implies that privatizing this property, we can obtain if we sold these systems, $ 2 billion of additional revenue in our budget, not going abroad with the IMF loans, not turning to EBRD and other structures, we have the property there, it just has structure that had no right to assign this property,” said Tretyakov.

According to the head of the Committee BP, the return of the money – not an easy process, and it is impossible to do without the law.

The corresponding bill No. 2681 was registered in the Verkhovna Rada.

“No. 2681 – the most famous in the trade unions bill. He makes the restitution of property that was transferred to the trade Union movement in 1960. The list of objects is on the site This is the order of the Ministry of health of the USSR, according to which more than 4 thousand objects were transferred to the office, there’s just written – not in the property and in the management of vtssps (all-Union Central Council of trade unions – ed.),” – said Tretyakov.

According to the Deputy, after Ukraine gained independence, the trade unions became a Federation of trade unions of Ukraine. A full audit or inventory of the property was never carried out.

“For these times 4 thousands of objects that were turned into 2 thousand. It has been created two joint – stock companies, Ukrprofzdravnitsa and Ukrproftur, respectively, which are internal documents of the Federation of trade unions property on this property by the trade unions were transferred to these joint-stock companies. Install now, how did the transfer of the property and partly the property was transferred to property in General, the private sector, very difficult,” – said Tretyakov.

According to the MP, bill No. 2681 “very torpedoes”.

The Verkhovna Rada