The Prosecutor suramshi. Lutsenko deliberately slandered US Ambassador, the evidence

Прокурор соврамши. Луценко сознательно оклеветал посла США, представлены доказательства

The anti-corruption action center said that Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko told a lie when he said about the alleged transfer, U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch list of “untouchables.”

This is the conclusion of the CPC came after the analysis of the letter, which Lutsenko confirmed his words.

“This is the only document which was provided to journalists by the attorney General in support of his words about the so-called list of “untouchables”. However, he was signed long before the appointment of Marie Yovanovitch and touched the fabricated case, which at the time was recognized and Lutsenko”, – stated in the message.

It was about criminal proceedings into the alleged misappropriation of funds by the Center for combating corruption, which is 16 March 2016 began the so-called Department Kononenko-Granovsky.

Then the investigators searched for 4.4 million dollars of the funds of American taxpayers, which, according to them, had to go on the reform of the GPU. At CTC I assure that any money not even received.

“GPU at the time didn’t care about the facts of absence of any claims from the U.S. government about the disappearance of money American taxpayers in Ukraine. Because CTC has never engaged in reform of the prosecution, this criminal proceeding was unlawful banal reason for investigators to access Bank accounts, transactions, financial and accounting documents of the organization”, – stated in the message, transmits UE.

The CPC added that, on 4 April 2016, the Deputy head of mission of the Embassy of the United States George Kent sent a letter to Deputy Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin Yuri Stolarchuk on behalf of then-Ambassador Jeffrey Patta explanation regarding the fake cases of theft of funds for the reform of the GPU.

“It is this letter, and referred to American journalists Lutsenko in March 2019,” noted yet.

The CPC added that even after official confirmation from the us government that no funds disappeared, the GPU still got 11 orders to temporarily access documents of the organization, its contractors and donors.

And Stolyarchuk even planned to interrogate on the case of then-Ambassador Jeffrey Patti.

The yet reminded that Lutsenko was appointed to the post of attorney General, may 12, 2016 and on the same day in Parliament, he said that the case against code of civil procedure are “so retarded that they are just a disgrace to the General Prosecutor of Ukraine”.

May 30, 2016 in the case of the GPU shut down in connection with absence of structure of a crime.

Marie Yovanovitch assumed his responsibilities as Ambassador of the USA in Ukraine 29 Aug 2016.

“That is the first meeting of Ambassador Yovanovitch with the attorney General Lutsenko could not occur before August 29, 2016, when “retarded” criminal proceedings which “denigrates the General Prosecutor of Ukraine” has been closed”, – summed up in the CPC.

Прокурор соврамши. Луценко сознательно оклеветал посла США, представлены доказательства

Прокурор соврамши. Луценко сознательно оклеветал посла США, представлены доказательства