The Prosecutor told how Kozhara killed his friend

В прокуратуре рассказали, как Кожара убивал своего друга

At the hearing on the measure of restraint for former head of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry Leonid Kozhara prosecutors read the version of the investigation took place during the murder of businessman Sergey Staritsky.

In particular, according to prosecutors, February 21, during drinking of alcoholic beverages, Kozhara and Staritsky was any personal conflict. They got into a fight and during this fight glasses were broken the ex-Minister, so that he hurt my eye (Kozhara on the court was wearing sunglasses).

Then the Minister climbed to the second floor to the bedroom, pulled out the gun Cabinet, loaded it and headed into the kitchen. First he hit Staritskogo a gun in the back of his head, he splashed the blood that remained on the floor. Further Kozhara shot in the right eye Staritsky, from which he died on the spot.

We will remind, in February of this year Sergey Staritsky was discovered dead with a gunshot wound in the house of the former Minister of foreign Affairs Leonid Kozhara in the village of Chaiky, Kyiv oblast. According to eyewitnesses, that evening Kozhara welcomed the guests, among whom was the businessman Sergey Staritsky. It was also reported that the Minister showed to the guests its premium gun Jericho 941 PSL.

After the death of Staritsky the police considered the case a suicide. However, later investigation reclassified it under the article “Premeditated murder”. Yesterday, the Police told about the conflict between Kozhara and Staritsky before the murder.